3rd Rayna's Birthday Party

By Chaca Atmika - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

      Ok, finally Rayna is 3 years old now. Suddenly, my mother's friends come to our house and give a surprise to Rayna! huaaa they bring many gifts to her. I am very envy you know! Many doll given to her haha bocah ih Chaca! I wanna be a child aged 3 years again haha that's impossible yeah?
      Finally, our family hold a small party to Rayna at Tak Wan Cibubur Junction. We also invite my parents friends, dadakan! And you know what? Rayna get more gift from them! Huh, that's makes me more and more jealous! Hello Cha! why you became a childish girl? Grown up please!
      But the way, happy birthday my Rayna! Longevity and don't be a naughty child please ..

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