Love Story From Maicih Chips

By Chaca Atmika - Monday, June 27, 2011

     First, I never knew what it was Maicih cips. In fact, I never heard it. Embarrassing right? Come on Cha! Almost all people in Indonesia already know these chips, but you don't! Someday, someone I love said with me about these chips. So, I tried to find out. Because the chips it came from Bandung. I think I must ask with my friend, Icha. And I'm glad. Because she will help me to buy these chips. As you know, the way of sales very unique. Some even have to be willing to queue for hours to get that chips. Really shocked to hear it you know!
     But, disappointing. Eventually, Icha can't help me, because she was very busy. She said with me, she will help but 3 weeks again she just really could buy these chips. I think, too long to wait. I must get these chips as soon as possible. Finally, I check twitter account from Maicih at @infomaicih. I don't know why, i must to get it and give to HKP (initials of people I like). Maybe this is the name of falling in love! haha Whatever will you do for love! But I've never done this before. As you know, HKP is not my boyfriend.
     I remember, at the time Wednesday 25 of June, I was in Lucksy's room. I am learning for exams. And suddenly, I read the timeline of @infomaicih , There is said Maicih were sold at FE University of Indonesia start from 12.00 o'clock! So, panic now! I must to take exams at 13.00 o'clock. And then I drive by speeding in order to arrive on time. And I can! yeayy!
     Until there, I just buy 3 packs of Maicih's chips. And poor me! I forgot to buy these chips for me! haha But, I don't regret because I am not so interested with Maicih. I just wanna buy for my HKP (uppss! hha). And then I give these chips for HKP about 18.30 o'clock. I was embarrassed when giving these chips to him you know. Blushing! Stupid me! Look if I liked him! Whereas I don't want him to know, if like him. Maybe, he now knows. Aargghhh! Bad for me, if he like me too, maybe doesn't matter. But if not?? huaaaaaa What a shame!
      This is my story, how about you? hha

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