Forecast Through the Hands and Face Lines

By Chaca Atmika - Wednesday, October 12, 2011

     Monday, 3 October 2011 i recieved an email from Jimmy Ardianto. Yeah, before it i did send photos to him in order to predict me about something. And you know what is the predict? ok, check this out!

Kamu suka ribet kalo milih pasangan..:) banyak maunya..he..he..he..
Umur ya lumayan lah, ngga panjang2 banget
cukup sehat
keberuntungan dateng lewat pekerjaan,
nanti pekerjaan yg dilakukan agak ngga sejalan sama keinginannya
general sih lumayan lah..:)

    i agree with statement i am very picky in finding a boyfriend, don't know why i easly lose a sense of feeling. Maybe i have not found the right person to be loved. Bless me to get the right person as soon hha.


     in second statement, wow what the meaning of tolerable? long or short? hha ok forget it, let the God who answers. actually, i don't really trust the forecast. but i think that's for fun hha believe it or not right?


    and if you guys want to try to predict your self, you can send your photo's, hands and face lines and your identity to and get the answer. This is photo that i sent,  the photo line hand is not there because i delete it

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