What's up in 2011 ?

By Chaca Atmika - Saturday, December 24, 2011

      Finally, was at the end of the year 2011. Yihaa, many events that occurred in this year. Happy, sad, disappointed and amazing day in my life. Start from January, with my activity at campus, February, with my new friend incorporated in UNO, March with new boyfriend only lasted two weeks, April with new boyfriend again hha and only lasted one month, May until June with my daily activity, July with my holiday in Aussie, August with meet Desak, NAICI and boys, course of photography at Darwis Triadi, September with my holiday in Malaysia, October with applying for work experience on campus although ultimately didn't pass at end of the test hha, November with meet Syffa and now December with feeling like someone but ends with sadness hha and  i will holiday in Bali yeayy! 


      A lot of experience during 2011. And made me think a lot. And this 2011,  i read a lot of character, who really wants to be a friend or just a sycophant. Who's really there when i need and that only exists in my time of need. is unfortunate! In 2011 also i must fight again with my sister until now hha.


      If it must be stated in words, too much i think! hha. In my mind, i just think not everyone likes your nature, and of course you too! Right cha? I don't blame the people who can't like my character, because every person is different. And i'm also not a perfect person who has good character. I could never pretend to like someone when my heart is not! And i hope the other persons think like me! Just say if you don't like someone , don't pretend to like it! That's fake! And i hate it! so, if you guys little hate or really hate me hha, You can say it! Painful! But i love it. Instead you must talked bad about me behind! And i REALLY HATE people who just love to take advantage of other people!


      But, i love 2011 ! I hope i can forget about sadness in this year and start a new life in 2012 with happily ever after. Although happily ever after only exist in fairy tale! hha


       Remember! Don't trust someone if you're not sure! Learn to forgive people and be a good person, and the other people will do the same! don't ask what the good of others to you but ask what you have done for others! Bye 2011 and HAPPY HOLIDAY !! :) 


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