Sample Pond's GRATIS !!

By Chaca Atmika - Sunday, May 13, 2012

     Hey guys, finally i write something from events in my life again hha. And actually, that's not important for you all guys hha. Just share! A few days ago, i saw an advertise from Pond's in a magazine. There's written, for 100.000 peoples will get free sampling from Pond's but you guys must send email to Accidently, i use that product, so i participate to get the free sampling! hha.


     Then, i send email from 4 differents email that i have. And 1 email from my friend Bimandika Hasanah! hha And i get free sampling from 5 different emails. But, until now i have not also put that product hha. Yeahh guys, actually i just feel happy when i got something from prize hha. Whatever the object, hha what a fun thing!

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1 komentar

  1. Dapet free sample nya pond's yg mana tuh? pgn nulis variannya kalo boleh mintaa.. Hahay `°`