Birthday Greeting 21th From BBM

By Chaca Atmika - Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That are the picture from 47 persons that gave me birthday greeting from their Black Berry Messanger, thank so much you all guys for your attention for me :*
from Keke and Rossi
from Adit and Taufan
from Prago and Edy
from Dini and Ableh
from Indah and Hady
from Novy and Jennie
from Adit and Asih
from Linda and Eva
from Ozn and Dhika
from Ka Angga and Donny
from Ihsan and Ka Sandy
from Wulan and Mba Monchink
from Bonyu and Rani
from Mba Lya and Om Hendra
from Suma and Tante Santi
from Robby and Cok Yana
from Om Iftitah and Wahana
from Ka Terry and Cintya
from Bude Ani and Mba Widi
from Endra and Om Sony
from Biman and Malen
from Ngurah and Rheza
from Syfa and Ka Wida
from Jiroy

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