Review: SNP Prep Peptaronic (in English)

By Chaca Atmika - Monday, April 06, 2020

     Hi Beauty, who have read my review about SNP LAB + Aqua Water Toner and Serum, definitely know that I really like this product because it really hydrates my skin. Well, you all know, yet, now SNP has just launched their latest product, namely SNP Prep Peptaronic.
     For your information guys, Peptaronic stands for Peptide + Hyaluronic Acid which is also ingredients in skin care from SNP. The SNP Prep Peptaronic series consists of Toners, Serums, Creams, Tone Up Creams and Sheet Mask.
SNP Prep Peptaronic
Key Ingredients of SNP Prep Peptaronic Series
     The whole series of SNP Prep Peptaronic, except for the Sheet Mask, contains 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid that works to increase skin moisture without making the skin sticky and 6 types of Peptides that function to increase skin vitality. So you could say that this series formula is suitable for all skin types, ranging from normal, dry, combination or oily.

SNP Prep Peptaronic

1. SNP Prep Peptaronic Toner

This toner has a liquid texture with low viscosity and high nutrition that quickly absorbs the skin and serves to help overcome various skin problems and control oil production and nourish rough and dry skin so that moisture is maintained.
How to use: Pour enough toner into the palm of your hand or cotton, then wipe the entire face evenly.
Price: IDR 160.000
Net: 350 ml 
SNP Prep Peptaronic

2. SNP Prep Peptaronic Serum

This serum contains peptides and has excellent skin affinity with its small particles. Rich in nutrients that can moisturize the skin and keep the skin fresh.
How to use: Take enough to hand, then massage into the face evenly. 

Price: IDR 160.000
Net: 220 ml
SNP Prep Peptaronic

3. SNP Prep Peptaronic Cream

This cream contains oil, the formula makes the skin moist and keeps the oil balanced on the skin. Its texture does not make the skin oily, non-sticky and light.
How to use: Take enough cream, apply while massaged on the face.
Price: IDR 160,000
Net: 55 ml
SNP Prep Peptaronic

4. SNP Prep Peptaronic Tone Up Cream

As the name implies, this tone up cream really functions to make the skin brighter. But the tone up cream does not brighten it, so it still makes the skin bright naturally without the skin color becoming gray. 
How to use: Take enough to hand, then smooth and massage into the entire face.
Price: IDR 160,000
Net: 100 ml
SNP Prep Peptaronic

5. SNP Prep Peptaronic Sheet Mask

This sheet mask contains 3 types of amino acids that work to improve skin health, tighten and give a fresh sensation. The content of Gluthatione also serves to cleanse and brighten dull skin.
How to use: Use a sheet mask for 20 minutes as the last step in the skin care series. The remaining essence can be used on dry areas of the skin on the heel of the foot.
Price: IDR 16,000
Net: 25 ml
SNP Prep Peptaronic
     If you are curious to try it yourself and feel the effect on the skin, the SNP Prep Peptaronic which has a pink girly design with the scent of rose can already be found at the official stores at Sociolla and Watson. 

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  1. Aku sudah coba tonernya, enak dikulit, cepet meresap dan langsung dpt lembapnya ^^

  2. SNP bikin penasaran bgt karena kegemoyan packaging dan teksturnya